New Books

We are always getting in new books and doing our best to keep our collection current and meet the needs or our library patrons.

Drop in to view our Reader’s Advisory Binder and see a list of the new items we have added to our collection.


Be sure to check the publication date to make sure the book you are interested in has already been published.  You can check if something is at our library by referring to our ONLINE CATALOGUE.  Sign in with your library account to place a hold on anything we have.


Title                                                                          Author                                             Pub Date                             

Affair                                                                       Steel, Danielle                               20210302

Alex Michaelides Novel Winter 2021                    Michaelides, Alex                        20210601

All the Children Are Home                                   Francis, Patry                                20210413

American Traitor                                                   Taylor, Brad                                   01/05/2021

Ancient Remedies                                                 Axe, Josh                                        20210202

Anxious People                                                    Backman, Fredrik                        20200908

Awakening                                                             Roberts, Nora                               20201124

Back in the Burbs                                                Flynn, Avery                                  20210330

Band of Sisters                                                     Willig, Lauren                                20210302

Before She Disappeared                                     Gardner, Lisa                                 02/02/2021

Beneath the Keep                                                Johansen, Erika                            20210202

Best of Me                                                           Sedaris, David                               20201103

Better Brain                                                           Kaplan, Bonnie J.                         20210420

Better Luck Next Time                                      Johnson, Julia Claiborne           01/05/2021

Book of Hidden Wonders                                Crosby, Polly                                 20200901

Book of Two Ways                                              Picoult, Jodi                                   20200922

Bright Ray of Darkness                                     Hawke, Ethan                               20210202

Broken (in the Best Possible Way)                  Lawson, Jenny                              20210406

Butter Honey Pig Bread                                    Ekwuyasi, Francesca                   20200903

Children’s Blizzard                                              Benjamin, Melanie                      20210112

Choice                                                                     Lake, Alex                                        20201006

City of a Thousand Gates                                  Sacks, Rebecca                             20210202

Cleaning the Gold                                               Slaughter, Karin                           20200128

Companions                                                         Flynn, Katie M.                             20200303

Conference of the Birds                                   Riggs, Ransom                              20200114

Confessions on the 7:45                                  Unger, Lisa                                     20200901

Danger in Numbers                                           Graham, Heather                        20210323

Dark Sky                                                                 Box, C. J.                                         20210302

Dark Tides                                                             Gregory, Philippa                        20201124

Daughter of Black Lake                                     Buchanan, Cathy Marie            20201013

David Baldacci Spring 2021                               Baldacci, David                             20210420

Daylight                                                                  Baldacci, David                             20201117

Deadly Cross                                                         Patterson, James                         20201123

Don’t Look for Me                                              Walker, Wendy                            20200915

Double Jeopardy                                                 Woods, Stuart                              20210323

Eternal                                                                     Scottoline, Lisa                             20210323

Evening and the Morning                                   Follett, Ken                                    20200915

Every Last Fear                                                     Finlay, Alex                                     20210302

Everything Is Spiritual                                       Bell, Rob                                         20200915

Extraordinary Canadians                                  Mansbridge, Peter                      20201110

Faithless in Death                                               Robb, J. D.                                      02/09/2021

Fast Ice                                                                    Cussler, Clive                                 03/09/2021

Find Me                                                                  Burke, Alafair                                20210803

Finding Ashley                                                      Steel, Danielle                               04/27/2021

Flowers of Darkness                                          Rosnay, Tatiana de                     02/23/2021

Forgotten Daughter                                           Goodman, Joanna                      20201027

Four Winds                                                           Hannah, Kristin                            20210202

Good Eggs                                                             Hardiman, Rebecca                    20210302

Half Life                                                                  Cantor, Jillian                                20210323

Hench                                                                     Walschots, Natalie Zina            20200922

Hidden in Plain Sight                                         Archer, Jeffrey                             20201103

Hour of the Witch                                              Bohjalian, Chris                            04/20/2021

How a Woman Becomes a Lake                         Celona, Marjorie                          20200303

I Follow You                                                          James, Peter                                  20201117

In Five Years                                                          Serle, Rebecca                              20200310

Invisible Girl                                                          Jewell, Lisa                                     20201013

Irish Country Welcome                                     Taylor, Patrick                               20201006

Jonny Appleseed                                                 Whitehead, Joshua                    20180401

Just Get Home                                                     Foley, Bridget                                20210413

Kingdom of Bones                                              Rollins, James                               20210817

Later                                                                         King, Stephen                               20210302

Letters Across the Sea                                      Graham, Genevieve                    20210427

Liar’s Dictionary                                                   Williams, Eley                                20210105

Loyalty                                                                    Cole, Martina                                20210105

Lucky One                                                              Rader-Day, Lori                            20200218

Marauder                                                               Cussler, Clive                                 20201110

Mercy House                                                        Dillon, Alena                                  20200211

Midnight Bargain                                                Polk, C. L.                                        20201013

Midnight Library                                                 Haig, Matt                                      20200929

Midwife Murders                                                Patterson, James                         20200811

Minders                                                                  Marrs, John                                   20210216

Mirrorland                                                             Johnstone, Carole                       20210420

Missing and Endangered                                 Jance, J. A.                                      20210216

My Brilliant Life                                                    Kim, Ae-ran                                    01/26/2021

Neighbors                                                              Steel, Danielle                               20210105

Ocean Prey                                                            Sandford, John                             04/13/2021

One by One                                                           Ware, Ruth                                    20200908

Other Emily                                                           Koontz, Dean                                20210323

Other Mrs                                                              Kubica, Mary                                 20200218

Our Darkest Night                                              Robson, Jennifer                          20210105

Perfect Little Children                                       Hannah, Sophie                           20200204

Piece of My Heart                                               Clark, Mary Higgins                     20201117

Postscript Murders                                            Griffiths, Elly                                  20210302

Project Hail Mary                                                Weir, Andy                                     05/04/2021

Pull of the Stars                                                   Donoghue, Emma                       20200721

Push                                                                         Audrain, Ashley                            20210105

Recipe for a Perfect Wife                                Brown, Karma                               20191231

Relentless                                                               Greaney, Mark                             20210216

Return                                                                     Sparks, Nicholas                           20200929

Rose Code                                                             Quinn, Kate                                   20210309

Saboteurs                                                              Cussler, Clive                                 20210525

Safe House                                                            Jakeman, Jo                                   20200310

Second First Impressions                                 Thorne, Sally                                 20210413

Sentinel                                                                  Child, Lee                                        20201027

Serpentine                                                             Kellerman, Jonathan                  20210202

Sex and Vanity                                                     Kwan, Kevin                                   20200630

Shakeup                                                                 Woods, Stuart                              20201027

Shuggie Bain                                                         Stuart, Douglas                            20200221

Silent Death                                                          May, Peter                                     20200331

Sin Eater                                                                 Campisi, Megan                           20200407

Something She’s Not Telling Us                    Bell, Darcey                                    20200407

Song for the Dark Times                                   Rankin, Ian                                     20201006

Squeeze Me                                                          Hiaasen, Carl                                 20200915

Stay Where I Can See You                               Onstad, Katrina                            20200331

Stranger in Town                                                Armstrong, Kelley                        20210209

Sunrise on Half Moon Bay                               Carr, Robyn                                   20200414

Take Me Apart                                                     Sligar, Sara                                     20200428

Talented Miss Farwell                                       Tedrowe, Emily Gray                  20200929

Teatime Around the World                             Waissbluth, Denyse                    20201027

Tenant                                                                     Engberg, Katrine                          20200114

The Echo Wife                                                      Gailey, Sarah                                 02/16/2021

The Kaiser’s Web                                                Berry, Steve                                   02/23/2021

The Russian                                                           Patterson, James                         01/25/2021

The Windsor Knot                                              Bennett, S. J.                                 03/09/2021

They Never Learn                                                Fargo, Layne                                  20201013

Things In Jars                                                        Kidd, Jess                                        20190404

Time for Mercy                                                    Grisham, John                              20201013

To Tell You the Truth                                        Macmillan, Gilly                           20200922

Total Power                                                          Flynn, Vince                                   09/15/2020

Transatlantic Book Club                                   Hayes-McCoy, Felicity                20201110

Troubled Blood                                                    Galbraith, Robert                        09/15/2020

Truly, Madly, Deeply                                         Kingsbury, Karen                         20201027

Truths I Never Told You                                   Rimmer, Kelly                               20200414

Turn a Blind Eye                                                  Archer, Jeffrey                             20210413

Twenty                                                                    Grippando, James                       20210105

Two Meals a Day                                                 Sisson, Mark                                 20210309

Two Trees Make a Forest                                Lee, Jessica J.                                20200728

Umbrella Lady                                                      Andrews, V.c.                                20210202

Venice Sketchbook                                            Bowen, Rhys                                 20210413

We Hear Voices                                                   Green, Evie                                    20201201

When No One Is Watching                              Cole, Alyssa                                   20200901

When She Was Good                                        Robotham, Michael                    20201006

When We Were Young                                    Goldis, Jaclyn                                20210216

Wife Upstairs                                                       Hawkins, Rachel                           20211102

Win                                                                           Coben, Harlan                               20210316

Wish List                                                                 Money-Coutts, Sophia              20200806

World’s Worst Family?                                     McDoogle, Farrah                       20501231

Wrath of Poseidon                                             Cussler, Clive                                 20200526

Wrong Family                                                       Fisher, Tarryn                               20201229

You and Me                                                           Rayner, Nicola                              20201001

You and Me and Us                                           Hammer, Alison                           20200407

You Are Not Alone                                              Hendricks, Greer                          20200303

Your Inner Hedgehog                                        McCall Smith, Alexander           04/06/2021

Your Neighbour’s Wife                                     Parsons, Tony                               20210223