Decodable Books


The Front of Yonge Public Library is grateful for the generous donation from the International Dyslexia Association of Ontario.  We were thrilled to increase our easy reader book collection to include a large selection of decodable books for those who are learning to read.

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What are decodable books?

Decodable books are simple books that are written for the beginning reader and contain specific correspondences students have learned.

Decodable text is the type of text that focuses on the phonetic code and presents words to students that follow the concepts that they have been taught. In this way, students are encouraged to attend to the code and use their phonics knowledge to decode words. Using decodable texts is a method that helps all and harms none for beginning readers.

The use of decodable text provides a reliable pathway to moving students to accurately and successfully reading authentic literature of their choosing. When students are able to apply their decoding skills with fluency, they are able to transition away from decodable books to less phonetically controlled, authentic text.

Decodable books encourage children to sound out words using  strategies rather than guessing from pictures or predicting from other cues. They can be introduced once beginning readers have learned some simple grapheme–phoneme correspondences and can blend from left to right.

IDA Ontario


The mission of the International Dyslexia Association of Ontario was developed in collaboration between Dyslexia Canada and IDA Ontario, their website serves as a valuable resource to support educators across the province in navigating the new Language and Français Curricula. As a trusted source, they are committed to bridging the gap between research and practice, ensuring that every student in Ontario has the opportunity to fulfill their fundamental right to learn to read and write




Read October supporting Dyslexia Awareness


Read October was initiated in 2020 to raise awareness about dyslexia within Ontario communities and promote the availability of dyslexia-friendly books in libraries. Read October encourages all community members to support their local public libraries.




IDA Ontario's structured literacy resources can be found on our new website, www.onlit.orgONlit is a comprehensive hub for empowering educators to provide evidence-based systematic and explicit instruction aligned with the new Ontario Language and Français Curricula.