Action Packs

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“Action Packs”


In 2018, the library received a grant from Healthy Kids Power Off and Play to assemble Action Packs to encourage children to put down their screens and devices and play and interact with real people, family and friends.  Due to this, the library loans out games and toys for all ages, cooperative board games, bingo, outdoor games such as Yardzee and badminton, musical items, knitting looms, bug watching kits and so much more.

In 2019, the library received a grant from the Brockville and Area Community Foundation to compile Action Packs for seniors.  These items expanded our lending library to encourage senior library patrons to try new things and be as independent as possible.  This grant allowed us to purchase items to loan out such as walking poles, jar openers, grabber tools, blood pressure monitor, dexterity kit, car assist handle, light therapy lamp, car code reader, Nix colour sensor and more.

We continue to add to these collections and seek out donations, collaborations and grant opportunities to help fund these plans.  Winter of 2021 we received a donation of 4 sets of snowshoes from the Front of Yonge Recreation Committee to loan out to our patrons.  We just received 4 Pickleball paddles with balls to loan out and are expecting more at a later date.

Come on in to the library or give us a call to find out more.


Action Packs for Children and families

African plains wooden jigsaw puzzle
Baby instruments
Baby kit
Beach kit
Bingo kit
Bubble wand
Bug catcher kit
Connect4 road trip
Ctronics 3D VR glasses
Eastpoint outdoor games set
Everywhere table tennis
Finger puppet theatre kit
Frolicking horses wooden jigsaw puzzle
Gardening kit
Giant gummy candy maker
Hedbanz for kids
Hoot Owl Hoot! board game
Hopscotch kit
Kids against maturity
Kids in the kitchen set
Knit Quick Kit
Latches barn
Latches Board
Magnetic uppercase jumbo letters
Mental Blox
Metal detector junior
Metal detector kit
Moonscope telescope kit
My first microscope
Mystery sensory balls
National Geographic rock tumbler
Pattern blocks and boards
Perplexus Rookie
Pop-up Puppy Ball Pit
Potato sack race bags
Rec-Tek disc golf set
Rock and roll it rainbow piano
Sidewalk chalk kit
The sneaky, sneaky squirrel game!
Snow molds
Snug as a bug in a rug! board game
Space ship tent
Tournament washer toss
Travel bingo kit
True Tone handbells
Yard-zee game


Action Packs for Adults

Big Boss Slice-a-roo
Bingo kit
Car code reader
Ctronics 3D VR glasses
Dexterity kit
Finger exerciser kit
Flipper Big Button Remote for 2 Devices
Gourmet dough press set
Grabber-reacher tool
Incohearent game
Knit Quick Kit
Mancala game
Metal detector kit
National Geographic rock tumbler
Nix mini color sensor
Paramed wrist blood pressure monitor
Pickleball paddle and ball
Playing card set
Punch kit: 4mm letter and number set
Rec-Tek disc golf set
Six-in-one can opener
Stander Handybar
Tournament washer toss
Verilux HappyLight
Walking poles
Yard-zee game